YouTube - Appleton Compassion Video
The Appleton Compassion Project | One word: Compassion. How would you depict that single word on a blank canvas? To see how over 10,000 Appleton area art students did just that visit The Trout Museum of Art. The Trout Museum of Art See the Art | Coming soon! go to the cloud Appleton Area School District Fine Arts Appleton Education Foundation

Virtual Exhibit

Welcome to the Appleton Compassion Virtual Exhibit!

By browsing the Appleton Compassion Project virtual exhibit, you will get a first-hand look into the hearts of over 10,000 Appleton students. You will have the ability to search for art by student name, grade, school, teacher or art teacher.

The guided tour offers a smaller, more manageable look at selected pieces from the larger exhibit.

The Virtual Exhibit page requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed on your computer. You can install Silverlight here or it will install automatically the first time you visit the page. Please be patient, it may take several minutes to load.

To see the exhibit in person, visit the Trout Museum of Art between May 1, 2011 and June 30, 2011.


**The Appleton Compassion Project virtual exhibit is a work in progress. Since some students are still working on creating their panels, all artwork is not yet available. If you don’t find your child’s art in this site, please check back soon as more pieces will be added regularly.